The special magazine for disabled and elderly people, Revija Prijatelj, has prepared a special project – A Travel Guide to Trips Around Slovenia for Disabled Persons on Wheelchairs.

The trips described here were first presented in the each issue of the Prijatelj magazine. They were made and planned by Slovenian painter and photographer Janez Medvešek. With the support of US Embassy, we have decided to design the special website where the trips are gathered together and presented in more details. Anyone with a disability can now make a trip that suit him the best.

Traveling around, visiting new places and sightseeing are among the most popular recreational activities. But there are many problems related with access to local sights, toilets, refreshment and transport.

We hope that the online travel guide will help individuals with disabilities to discover slovenian natural and cultural beauties and experience the same sense of adventure and thrill which sightseeing has to offer to all the healthy people.

Majestic views, beautiful landscape, fascinating history, delightful food, and wonderful experiences await you.

Enjoy your trip!