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The following trip is appropriate for anyone who can drive a car or travel as a passenger in a car. If the person is mobile, however, they can experience even more. The views from our car are enough though, to fill one’s heart with joy. Don’t believe us? Take the journey and see for yourself!


Hut on the Ermanovec

Stara Oselica 71

4225 Sovodenj

t: +386 51 256 881

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    Natural attractions
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    Cultural attractions
Škofja Loka - Sovodenj
Drive through Škofja Loka towards the Poljanska Valley. The valley starts off wide at first, then it gets narrower and even splits up, with one branch taking you to Sovodenj.
Sovodenj - Nova Oselica - Cerkljanski Vrh
You will be able to enjoy many nature’s beauties on your way from Sovodenj to Nova Oselica. Once in Nova Oselica, visit the church of Sv. Janez Nepomuk and enjoy views of Ermanovec in front of the church. Continue your journey towards Cerkljanski vrh where views all the way to Posočje, Krn, Baške grape and the plains of Šentvid open up in front of you. Take the time to wander between the meadows, sprinkled with all kinds of spring blossoms. Drive on along the panoramic road towards Kladje, passing lonely farms until reaching a crossroads, where you should follow the direction of the Ermanovec hut.
Kladje - Hut on the Ermanovec
As you ascend from Kladje, a beautiful view will open up in front of you. Restored boundary stones dating back to the Italian occupation of the Rapallo border in 1920, leading from the triple border at Rateče all the way to Rijeka at the Adriatic coast, tell stories of our cruel history. As you ascend towards the hut at 964 meters above sea level along many ridges and old majestic homesteads, leaning against the hillsides, will line up in front of you. You will also see the Ratitovec Mountain and Sorica, Dravh, Lajnar and Slapnik as well as views from Krn to Blegoš, over the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Stari vrh with its ski slopes, Lubnik and even Snežnik on the other side. The Ermanovc hut is very well-kept with a children’s playground and a large meadow for playing games. You will find it difficult to resist their culinary delights. If you are able to walk, park the car at the hut and walk under the Ermanovec Mountain. You will be rewarded with a beautiful view of Triglav.
Descent to Trebije Valley
Once you’ve taken in all of the beautiful sights, descend into the valley, following the direction of Trebije. It is a good idea to make a few stops along the way, given how scenic the road is.
Trebija - Visoko - Škofja Loka
Upon reaching the valley (at Trebija), turn towards Škofja Loka. If you’re left with some extra time, stop at Visoko and explore Tavčar’s mansion to conclude your day.