A breathtakingly beautiful view point near Ljubljana


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Janče is a breathtakingly beautiful view point above Ljubljana, offering incredible views of a large part of Slovenia. Leading to the peak is a paved road and there’s also a mountain hut near the church. You can drive to the courtyard and if you’re in a wheelchair, you can drive a few meters further up the hill to enjoy beautiful views.


Mountain Hut Janče

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Zalog - Podgrad
There are several roads leading to the observation hill. Two come in from Ljubljana and one from Laze na Dolskem, as well as from Zalog pri Ljubljani. After Zalog, drive towards Podgrad. In Podgrad, just after a restaurant on the right side of the road, take a right angle turn towards an underpass under the railway and continue through the village past the once famous factory Arbo into Bresnica.
Podgrad - Janče
Just before the road meets another road from Ljubljana that goes through Sostro, turn left towards Vnajnarje and Gabrje. If you continue to drive along the main road, you are going to see a left turn towards Janče. The first road is more interesting and has better views. While still driving and ascending, you already witness some incredible scenes. This is actually the so-called Sadna cesta (Fruit road) that you can visit if you wish, as the farmers offer many homemade products and homegrown produce. Usually, you can find signs telling you what is on offer in front of the farms along the road. In the spring you can attend strawberry Sundays here, while in the autumn, Sundays are dedicated to chestnuts. A lovely plaque from the turn of the past century greets you on your left. This is where the first lovely views of the valley open up already, giving you a glimpse of the Styrian hills, Kamnik-Savinja Alps, as well as the Karavanke and the Upper Carniola. Continue on your way and you will find yourself on the road taking you directly to Janče in about a kilometer.
n Janče, take a sharp left turn past the school and a plaque of a very special shape. In front of you, at the top of the meadow, you will already see part of the church belfry and a mountain hut behind it. Take a left turn before reaching the church and park in front of the hut. There is a small zoo on the northern side of the hut. Just a few meters away, on the left, you will stop in amazement. The views of Ljubljana and all of the Gorenjska, including Karavanke, as well as parts of the Julian Alps, Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Sava Hills are amazing, not to mention the hundreds of villages, markets, towns and rivers you can see from here. The hill offers a great view (photo 6). One could say you can actually see from Triglav to Gorjanci and from Grintovec to Snežnik – plenty to keep you entertained for at least an hour, given the visibility is good. If not, head to the hut where they’ll start a fire in the old stove to keep guests warm on colder days. Oh dear, the service is truly delicious! Anything from the food to desserts, drinks and coffee. The north side lets you enjoy your meal with views of the Upper Carniola, the Ljubljana basin and even the Sava hills.   When the weather is nice, head past the interesting and recently renovated church of St. Nicholas and continue past the farm to the ledge above the house. Here you can see anything that you weren’t able to from the hut, completing the circle. You will most certainly get new ideas to visit places such as Limbarska gora and Sveti Miklavž, while looking over them in an almost straight line.
Janče - Jevnica
Exit Janče on the eastern side and drive through Tuji grm, taking the first turn towards Laze ob Savi. The road gets quite steep here. If you drive a bit further, you will reach the turn for Mala Štanga – take a left here. After the ridge, where the road is beautiful and picturesque, descend into the woods and continue towards Jevnica.
Jevnica - Laze - Dol
The bridge towards Senožeti and Ljubljana in Jevnica is currently not open for traffic, so drive along the left bank of the Sava River through Laze. You will reach a crossroads, where the road ahead takes you to Zalog, your origin, while the right turn takes you over the Sava Bridge towards Dolska. Take the latter. Drive through the village into Dol, where you can stop at the ruins of an old castle. The owner of the castle is baron Josip Kalasanc Erberg. You will notice two well-preserved pavilions. One of them used to house the art cabinet and the other one was home to a large library and the first museum in Slovenia. Today they are renovated and often feature beautiful art displays, well-worth the visit. Between the two mansions, work of a Venetian architect is an interesting obelisk, built in 1821 to honour the arrival of Emperor Franc I to Dol. There is also a tree-lined path, leading from the two pavilions to a chapel, where all the big names from Ljubljana and its surroundings used to take walks. To finish your journey, drive through Dol onto the main road between Litija and Šentjakob, continuing in the direction of your home.