Kuhinja Mountain

Kuhinja Mountain

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A trip to the Kuhinja Mountain is one of those you will surely want to do again. When one stops at the foot of the mighty, 2244 meters high Krn that rises over the mountains at its foot, their jaw drops at the sight of its beauty. This hiking spot lays 1000 meters above sea level and is just minutes away from a fairy tale village. You can find several rows of shepherd’s cottages, cheese making houses, dairy farms and barns on the mountain. This spot allows people with mobility impairments to experience the pure beauty of the Slovenian mountains.


Hut on Kuhinja Mountain

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Tolmin - Kamno
Let’s begin our journey at the Soča River. Drive from Tolmin towards Kobarid, then turn right at the signs for Kamno and continue across a narrow bridge over Soča. In the Kamno Village, at the sign for Vrsno, take a turn up the hill. If you are arriving from Kobarid, you can take the village road through Ladra, Smast and Libušnje at the Napoleon Bridge and merge onto the road from Tolmin. As you drive, don’t miss a beautiful view of the hayrack on your right and the turquoise blue waters of the Soča River below you.
Vrsno - Krn
From Vrsno, the birthplace of Gregorčič, start ascending towards the village of Krn. As you drive out of the forest, a magnificent view of Krn, the mountains under its top and the village of Krn will open up in front of you.
Krn - Kuhinja Mountain
When you reach the village of Krn, there are only a few hundred meters left to a nice parking lot under the mountain of Kuhinja, where you should park your car and step out. Take the upper road following the signs for the mountain and not the mountain hut, where you will finish your journey. After a few minutes of walking, you will reach a dairy farm at 1020 meters above sea level. Here you can buy delicious cheese or curd cheese during the pasture season. Take a stroll among the old houses, home to pure peace. Some of the houses are restored, some, unfortunately, victims to decay, while some of the renovated ones have been joined to form a milking centre. You will witness many stone-built shepherds’ cottages with interesting roofs – and not only on the mountain, the majority of the old buildings in the Posočje area are covered using brown galvanized tin plate that is over 100 years old and originates in the First World War. It was originally used to cover harrows, ditches and other war structures from the awful slaughter. If you are relatively comfortable on your feet, you can take a short walk and just a few minutes later you will reach the Kašina Mountain. You can buy excellent cheese and curd cheese here as well. It is heavenly here in the autumn. There are two other mountains, mountain Slapnik and just above it, under the top of Kožljak, the Zaslap mountain, above the Kašina mountain. It is a bit under an hour of a walk to there with a service road for dairy and necessities transport passing by. After you have seen the Kuhinja Mountain, drive along a macadam road towards the west, where you will reach a mountain hut where you can fill up your tummy.
Kuhinja Mountain - Krn - Vrsno
Drive back through the village of Krn to Vrsno where you will find the home of Gregorčič near the road. Explore its insides if it is open to the public, otherwise, it’s just as interesting to see it from the outside.
Vrsno - Smast
As you descend towards Kobarid, follow the signs for the Sv. Lovrenc church in the Smast village. On the east side of the church, you will find the last home of the great Slovenian poet, Simon Gregorčič.