Lendava and Vinarium Tower

Discover the amazing views on the Pannonian Basin

Lendava and Vinarium Tower

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Looking from the Vinarium Tower you will not be able to count all the vineyards and endless plains of grapes in front of you, there are so many. Take your time here to enjoy the view unlike any other.

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Vanadium Tower Lendava

Dolgovaške Gorice 229, 9220 Lendava

t: (+386) 1 – 200 – 98 – 83

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Maribor - Dolga Vas - Vinarium Tower
Leave the motorway from Maribor to Lendava at the Dolga vas exit and head towards the tower that is already visible from the motorway. At Dolga vas follow the signs to a marked road, leading you to the parking lot in front of the tower. You will have to pay an admission fee of 5 EUR for pensioners and 7 EUR for adults. The tower is located in a prime spot, from which you can see four countries – Slovenia, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. It is 53,5 meters tall with 9 floors, the top one being covered in glass, so you can have a look around in all weather conditions. If you are brave enough, you can climb the 340 steps; otherwise, there is also a wheelchair-friendly elevator to take you to the top. Note that the tower is closed on Mondays, so those aren’t the most appropriate time to make the trip. It is recommended to check the opening hours online before making your plans, as they are subject to change. Usually, the tower is open on all other days between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. You won’t regret ascending to the top of the tower. As you exit the elevator, your heart will stop. You will feel like you just climbed a tall mountain and have been rewarded with a magnificent view.   You won’t be able to count all of the vineyards and wineries in front of you, there is so many. Today all of them are covered with modern roofs, in the past, however, the roofs were wooden and plastered, then covered with straw. In the autumn the views over colourful vineyards are accompanied by the music of the wind rattles, defending the grapes against intruder birds, trying to nibble the sweet harvest. Take your time to enjoy the view unlike any other. You can buy a souvenir or two in the lower floor of the tower or enjoy something tasty from the stalls on the terrace in front of the tower. You will also be able to buy produce from the local farms. Leave your car in the parking lot and continue by foot or in your wheelchair down the ridge to reach a few beautiful houses, covered with straw roofs (photo 5). Just before reaching the border, you will also find an interesting pyramid with a lovely view of the surroundings. Once you’re finished with your short exploration, return to your car and drive back in the direction you arrived from, until reaching the turn for Sv. Trojica.
Dolga Vas - Sv. Trojica
Park under the church and head towards it. You will find this place has lovely views of Lendava and the surrounding mountains, as well as of the tower you visited before. You can also visit the cemetery, as it is difficult to find this many old monuments anywhere else. The stone plaque in front of the church is impressive as well. If you’re lucky enough to find the church door unlocked, step inside to have a look at its peculiarity – during the construction process, the workers stumbled upon a coffin holding mummified remains of soldier Mihael Hladnik, who was killed in a battle against the Turks at Lendava in 1603.
Sv. Trojica - Lendava
Return to your car and drive back to the crossroads, then go left down the hill into Lendava. Here you can visit the castle that occasionally hosts art exhibitions. Either way, park near the castle and take a look at the Sv. Katarina church with the statues of St. Florian, the patron of Lendava, Stephen I of Hungary and blessed Anton Martin Slomšek in front of it. There’s a lot to see on the other side of the road as well. One of such sights is the Jewish synagogue, left behind by the Jews, who were persecuted during the war, while the view of the modern theatre and the entire Lendava backdrop is magnificent as well.