Limbarska Gora

Limbarska Gora

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Enjoy the view of the Kamnik – Savinja Alps on the view plateau at Sv. Valentin Church on Limbarska Gora.


Restaurant Urankar

Limbarska Gora 16, 1251 Moravče

t: (+386) 1 – 723 – 19 – 90

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Krtina - Moravče
Exit the motorway Ljubljana-Celje at the Krtina and Moravče exit. On your left, you will notice the Krtina church that served as an anti-Turk camp due to its strategic position from your car. Drive past Studenec and Škocjan that is well known for its many theatre shows that take place there as part of the summer festival that makes missing a few days at the beach worth it.
Moravče - Limbarska Gora
At Moravče, at the crossroads by the church, pay attention to the signs taking you to Limbarska gora. You are now about 20 minutes away from the top of the mountain. Travellers with mobility issues can drive up to the church and the restaurant, while others can park anywhere along the hillside and walk to the top. The path along the west slope from the village Gabrje, past the Hrastnik quarry, is particularly beautiful. Soon the top of the mountain will rise in front of you and you can park your car and continue by foot. At the top, you will find magnificent homesteads and some interesting hayracks. As you walk, you will pass a few lovely plaques and the view will continue to get better with every step. At the top, you will find a restaurant on the left side and the St. Valentine church on the right. Construction of the baroque church began in 1735, led by the architect Gregor Maček, who built quite a few other churches and buildings in Slovenia, including the famous town hall in Ljubljana. The church was consecrated on 6. June 1743. It has seven altars and replicas of statues of St. Valentine, St. Joseph in St. John of Nepomuk outside with the originals safely displayed inside of the church. Pass the church to reach the view plateau on the northern side and enjoy views of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps at your feet, the Črni graben with the Trojane highway underneath you and a number of interesting villages basking in the sunshine above it on the hills (photo 7). On the western side that is just as interesting, you can see all the way to Triglav, not to mention the views of Upper Carniola. On the southern side you can see the Zasavska Sveta gora, Slivno, sv. Miklavž and even sv. Trojica above Domžale, while the eastern side provides views of the basin of Celje. You can also make a stop at the restaurant that is open on the weekends. It is especially cosy to sit inside a warm room on a windy Sunday.
Limbarska Gora - Gabrje
The top of Limbarska gora can be reached by car. You can drive past the church and the restaurant and return to Gaberje. It is not far back to the valley with half a dozen restaurants along the way inviting you in for a bite. As you return, you can choose to drive up to a pond just before Moravče and enjoy the calming waters. If you are able to walk, pass the ponds to reach a beautiful plaque at the end of the valley, just before the Zalog Village. If you walk a bit further, you will find yourself back at Moravče. You can also drive up to the sv. Martin church.