Menina Planina

Menina Planina

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Menina Planina lays on 1200 meter above see level on the east side of the Kamnik – Savinja Alps. It is one of the rare mountain locations which is fully accessible to people on wheelchairs.

Due to amazing views and surrounding nature it is a very popular trip, especially during the summer.


Menina Planina Mountain Hut

Menina 1, 3342 Gornji Grad

t: (+386) 41 – 909 – 540

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Tuhinjska Valley - Planina Baba
Diverge from the main road at the gas station in Češnjice and drive through the lovely village of Okrog. The paved road will soon turn into macadam. Follow the signs and stop in the area where the forest underneath you opens up and you can see the beauties of Zasavje, Tuhinjska dolina and the hills of Dolenjska. You will see the mountain of Biba in front of you.
Planina Baba - Menina Planina
Soon a sign for the Biba Mountain will lure you off of the road. You can drive all the way to the Alpine dairy farm, with the chapel of St. Anthony accessible by wheelchair as well. You can also stay on the mountain and enjoy some fresh dairy products during the pasture season. With your tummy full of Slovene delicacies, return to the road and slowly ascend to a plain where a few cottages await. You can stop here and step out of the car to say hello to the local animals or even walk up over the meadows towards a lake, where you can step over a fence and look back at the views of the Biba Mountain. Continue along your path, but rest again soon, as you will notice an interesting lake with red algae in the valley to the left. If you are lucky enough to find the algae blooming, the scene in front of you will be particularly amazing. Drive on from here and in a while you will notice a radioamateurs tower on the hill, a cottage a bit further to the left and a chapel on the right. Park at a designated parking lot to avoid the pasture animals damaging your car. If in a wheelchair, you can head along a flat plain up to the cottage and into the dining room along the plateau to enjoy a truly delicious gipsy goulash. If you can walk, you can either take a lovely path behind the cottage over the hill to the Vivodnik Mountain with a viewing tower or walk to the top above the Partisan monument with a metal tower. You will find incredible views of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Velika planina, Carinthia, the valley of Savinja and even Pohorje. Head back to the cottage past a very beautiful chapel and then descend to the Savinjska region. Immediately after the metal rampart that prevents the animals from wandering away, stop and park your car. You can reach the wooden pen and a sprout for the animals on the left in a wheelchair as well. On the western side of the sprout is a beautiful mountain, named in Globače, with a fairy-tale house. If your orientation is good, you can walk in a circle to return to your car, otherwise take the same path back.
Menina Planina - Gornji Grad
What follows next is the descent into the valley. In a few kilometers, you will find a crossroads with a left turn, taking you to a pilgrimage route church in Nova Štifta and a second turn, taking you to Bočno. From here you can head to Nazarje or turn towards Gornji Grad and stop to see a magnificent basilica.