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This circular trip will take your breath away with the natural wonders of Primorska region, dressed in to endless plains of fiery red colours of Ruj.


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Ljubljana - Koper
Exit the motorway at Črni Kal and drive past the viaduct to merge onto the main road. At the Hrastovlje exit, turn left and follow the direction of Hrastovlje all the way to the crossroads where several signs signal you should turn left for Predloka, Loka, Bezovica, Podpeč, Zazid, Rakitovec… This is where the fun begins.
Podpeč - Zazid - Rakitovec
Your first stop is the narrow village of Podpeč, cramped in between a railroad and the steep walls above it, dominated by a well-preserved watchtower with a cave underneath it that once served as a shelter from the neighbouring nation. Drive further uphill and have a look at the bays of Koper and Trieste, the viaduct and the sea at the end of the village under the watchtower. About a kilometer further on, as you drive out of the forest, park at a nearby parking lot.   You can reach a paradise of smoke trees along a field road even if you’re in a wheelchair, or alternatively, take in the magnificent views right there by the road. Drive on to the interesting village of Zazid, where we suggest you make a short stop, then continue your journey and stop again at a curve shortly after the village, where you’ll find an interesting restored village sprout with water for the animals. The road will then take you up a hill to a plateau and the interesting village of Rakitovec. Stop at the church there and have a look around as it features the sort of architecture one cannot find elsewhere. It is a good idea to drive all the way through the village and circle back to the sprout at the beginning of the settlement, passing by an interesting plaque on the right.
Rakitovec - Moravž - Veliki Baldin
Return to the main road and continue on your way at the sign for Buzet. Turn left before the rail tracks and follow the direction of the sea. There’s only one road leading into the valley, so don’t get confused! Soon the fields on both sides of the road become covered in greyish-silver sage. Pick a few to take home with you!   Drive down the hill to a light curve and stop for a few moments, parking your car at a pine tree on the right side of the road. Only a few steps to the left or right will reveal, why this stop was necessary. If you are in a wheelchair, simply drive a few meters along the level road and you will be able to enjoy just as much as the people who are able to walk further along the meadows. The closest and prettiest spot is on the left, however, getting across the slightly overgrown road crossing can be a bit tricky. You will find so many smoke trees there, you will get tired of taking photos of them, with white rocks in between them looking like princesses wearing white. Continue to descend into the valley, making stops along the way and taking in the views. The village, welcoming you at the foot of the hill is Movraž, where you can stop and have a look around. There are two possible scenarios here – you can drive to the left and cross the fields to reach the village of Dvori, then right in front of it take a sharp turn uphill to reach a parking lot in front of the magnificent rock shelters at the Vliki Badin. It takes only 5 minutes of light walking to reach this wonder, however, you will not be able to reach it in a wheelchair. The nature’s wonder is also adorned with a natural bridge.
Veliki Baldin - Smokvica
Once you have taken in all of nature’s beauty, return to the village and drive towards the village of Smokvica. Take the bypass and stop by the church, visiting the house on your left, a true karst gem you won’t find anywhere else.
Graščišče - Kubed - Sočerga
As you leave the village, head back to the main road towards Gračišča. You should stop here to explore the village, especially the bell tower with a beautiful inscription in the Glagolitic alphabet, located by the road and visible from the car. You can also head towards Koper, in which case you should, at least for a few moments, stop at the beautiful village of Kubed. Here, you will find an interesting bell tower that once served as a watchtower. An alternative route is the main road towards Sočerga. As you enter the village, make a sharp left turn back and you will arrive at a plateau at the Sv. Kvirik church in around two hundred meters. You will be able to see almost the whole of Primorska from here, including Učka, Buzet, a part of Croatia, Slavnik, Nanos and even some of the rock-shelters in the valley. Even if you only drive up to here to see the view, your day will be incredible. The meadow and paths are flat, so you can see many beautiful things in a wheelchair or from the seat in your car. Finish your trip by descending into the valley and turning left off of the main road and driving up to a restaurant. However, this should just be done on weekends. They offer delights from Primorska, from fuži and gnocchi to minestrone and other memorable dishes.