The Lakes

The Lakes

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A view on the water comfort us and make us feel relaxed. This trip which leads from Kranjska Gora to Traviso on the Italian side of the border, offers some truly amazing walks around the lakes.

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    The Lakes
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Kranjska Gora - Vršič
Exit the motorway for Karavanke at Kranjska Gora and turn left towards Vršič. Pass the village and stop in the old part of it at a church to have a look around. After that continue your journey towards Vršič. Soon you will notice a parking lot and the two lakes with a lovely name, Jasna, on your left. These two lakes are where the torrential Pišnica makes a short stop, before continuing in its path towards Sava Dolinka. The first lake is home to a lovely ibex on a rock, while you will also notice a duck or two sliding along the surface of the lake. Walk over the small bridge to reach the second lake where a riverbed of a torrent passes by, filled with the ice-cold Pišnica
Kranjska Gora - Rateče - Zelenci
After seeing the lakes, return to Kranjska Gora and continue your journey towards Rateče and Planica. Soon you will notice a restaurant on your left and a sign Zelenci next to it. Park next to the restaurant and take the lovely forest path that was purposely built for wheelchairs to circle the lake. Once you reach the end of the forest, you will slow down in amazement. You can continue along a wooden plateau all the way up to a lovely house that offers an even better view of the surroundings. If possible, climb about a storey higher in order to see even further. The blue waters of the lake are often occupied by ducks and you can notice how clearly you can see the bottom of the lake and the babbling of the springs under its sandy bottom. Head on from Zelenci and to avoid driving solely along the main road, turn into the village of Rateče and drive through it. The small villages are truly beautiful and it is nothing but joy to observe the large houses with interesting facades slip by us. However, the most beautiful sight of all is the church on the hill. When reaching the gas station, return to the main road and drive through the abandoned customs control.
Zelenci - Fužine (Italy)
As you now continue to drive through Italy, don’t forget to pay attention to the huge mountain of Mangart on your left, while you head right towards its foot. A few curves later, you will find yourself in the village of Fužine (Fusine in Valromana).
Fužine - Fužinsko Jezero (italy)
When reaching the crossroads in the middle of the village on a bridge, opposite a house with a sign, saying CASA ALPINA – PRI SESTRAH, pay attention to make a left turn at the Laghi Di Fussine sign and slowly ascend to the top of the hill, where you should stop at the Edelweis – Planika cabin. Step out and enjoy the circular path around the lake. When frozen you should be careful, but in the warmer months, this is nothing but joy. You can only go a few hundred meters along it in a wheelchair but it is worth it nonetheless. Head back to your car and drive to the second lake. You will find yourself at a large parking lot within a few minutes. It gets much more crowded in the summer months as this is a popular stop for caravans with well equipped public bathrooms and inviting walking tours along the lake or underneath Mangart. There’s also more sunshine here in the summer and autumn, with Mangart blocking the sun rays during winter and spring. Make the time stop, it is too beautiful here to rush.
Fužine - Trbiž (Traviso) - Predel - Dobje
You can return home along the same road, or, if the days are long, drive a bit further towards Tarvisio and follow the signs for the Predel pass. You cannot miss the Lago del Predil Lake here, as one can see it from the road. Park there and head downhill to the lake. If you are in a wheelchair, drive a bit further along the parking lot, then down a ramp to the plateau. The island in the middle of the lake will make your day. It doesn’t boast a church like the one in Bled, but it does have ruins of an old house. Who knows what its purpose was? When the water level gets low, one can reach the island by foot. If there’s any time left in your day, turn into the village on your way back at Dovje and stop by the church. On the sunny side, where the views of Triglav are incredible, our Triglav priest Jakob Aljaž rests in peace. Pay tribute to this amazing Slovene, who we should all look up to in these more difficult times. Aljaž bought the top of Triglav to prevent it from being occupied by the foreign nation in charge of this area at the time. He later built the famous tower on top of it.