Zasavska Gora

Zasavska Gora

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Zasavje used to be industrial region with its old mines. But it is full of beautiful nature and its peaks offer amazing views …

Zasavska Gora is one of the most visited sights in that region. The pilgrims from have been traveling there for more than five hundred years.


Mountain Hut Zasavska Sveta Gora

Rovišče 9, 1282 Sava

t: (+386) 3 567 81 62

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Trojane - Vače
It is possible to access your destination from two directions. If arriving from Ljubljana, drive through Trojane, then head towards Zagorje and turn right for Moravče at Izlake and take another left turn for Sveta gora at Kandrše. If instead, you are driving over the Dolenjska hills or through Zasavje, drive to Litija and follow the directions for Vače.
Vače - Podbukovje - Zasavska Sveta Gora
At Vače, drive through the centre and make a right turn for Klenik, where you will be rewarded with a beautiful replica of a 3000-years-old village urn on a stone base. Head back to the crossroads and turn left at the sign for Laze, Podbukovje and Široka Set. Take your time to enjoy the nature surrounding you. There’s only one road there with an occasional turn, leading to a solitary farm. Soon you will notice a sad sight of an old farm in ruins on your right and a deserted mill a bit further on. As you reach a crossroads, turn onto the road to the left that will take you towards the hills, not into the Sava valley. If you will find yourself here in the spring, open the car windows and follow the scent of fresh wild garlic. Make a short stop to pick a few leaves and enjoy them preserved in olive oil.   There is another crossroads just around the corner, where you should follow the directions for Široka Set and Podbukovje. Soon you will arrive at the Zabukovje Village, where you should drive up to the church and enjoy a lovely view of Vače. After Podbukovje, turn left towards Zasavska Sveta gora. After a short ascend, you will reach a parking lot where the road you are on merges with the ones from Moravce and Izlake. After the next turn, you will already be able to see your destination. If you are able to walk, park next to the hut that lies 822 meters above sea level. If you are in a wheelchair, continue driving to the top, stopping on a plateau in front of an old presbytery around 30 meters higher. Turn off the engine and enjoy the view. You can also have a look around. There is a beautiful Mary’s chapel in the house with the bell, opposite the current presbytery. If you are able to, climb the steps and enjoy the blessed peace in the room. Visit the church, dedicated to Mary, as well, although it is usually not open for visitors. At the edge of the cemetery surrounding the church, you can find beautiful views of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Čemšeniška planina, the hills above Celje and even the holms of Bela Krajina and the valleys leading to Ljubljana. The church was built on a plateau and is actually an old anti-Turk wall, with a chapel painting, depicting the attack of the Turks, on the church itself. Descend to the mountain hut a few ten meters lower and enjoy good service by the kind staff and a picturesque location.
Zasavska Sveta Gora - Moravče
Follow the road into the valley towards Moravče. At the Vidergar restaurant, where you can also find a ski slope, stop at a small museum on the right and explore tools, used in mining caves in the surrounding area. Continue driving towards Moravče and turn right in Kandrše at the sign for Peče. The village itself is already a sight for sore eyes. As you ascend above the village, you should make a stop at the cross and enjoy the views. There is another gem waiting for you on your way down to the valley – a large homestead at Mošenik. You will also notice a beautiful plaque next to a linden tree with a large hayrack and beehive behind it. Cross the pass in the Gaberje Village, where you will find a right turn towards Limbarska gora that we described in a separate trip. Descend into the valley and turn left towards the ponds right at the beginning of Moravče. A bit after the last pond and the hut, there is a small bridge, crossing the stream and a lovely plaque above it, with the village of Straža that is also worth a visit in the back. Finish your trip by driving to the centre of Moravče that is interesting on its own. Head home from there through the village of Ribče or head through Krtina back towards the motorway.